Allegany County United Way
Wellsville, New York
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Allegany County Central Schools United Way Campaign

Steps in to take:

____ SCHEDULE TALK WITH EMPLOYEES –  In early August seek approval from the superintendent to secure a spot
on the agenda when all of the employees are together so you can deliver a campaign briefing to everyone. Usually
they will give 5 minutes or so to talk about the United Way Campaign.

____ RESERVE TABLES – Fill out a building request from to reserve 2 banquet tables and about 5 chairs to set up in
the foyer of the school for the campaign kick-off on the day when all employees meet together.

____ PREPARE EMPLOYEE CAMPAIGN PACKETS – The employee campaign packets will contain the following:

  • Letter to employees about the campaign.
  • Payroll deduction form: Personal payroll deduction forms can be made so that employees could have
    continuous payroll deductions. (This has made a huge difference in the campaign.) This allows for only new
    employees and for those who wish to change the amount in some way to fill out a form.
  • United Way Challenge Brochure: The United Way office will provide you the these Challenge Brochures.
  • United Way Challenge Cards:  The United Way office will also provide you with these cards. An employee
    must be giving at least $52 per year to be eligible to enter this contest. These cards should be given to the United Way office by the end of September so they can be entered into the contest.
  • An addressed return envelope: This allows the employees to simply drop their payroll deduction forms and challenge cards in the inner office mail. Mailing labels make this task easy to do.

____ DISTRIBUTING THE CAMPAIGN ENVELOPES – If you have all the pieces ready, try and place these in the
employee mailboxes before the day when you speak to the employees at the district staff development day
meeting. Be sure to remember: Maintenance Crew, Cafeteria, D.O. Staff, and Bus Drivers.

____ CAMPAIGN KICKOFF – Set up a couple of tables in the foyer. Have all your supplies;Pledge forms, challenge
cards, etc. Try to provide some candy for those who visit the table. Having a lottery frame raffle has worked well
in the past. Purchase a $5 frame and fill it with lottery tickets. This will cost about $30 or so. The raffle money will
pay for this. You can use the remaining proceeds to pay for the candy and any decorations you may want for the
tables. Any left over money you might have can be included in the campaign!

____ AS THE DEDUCTION FORMS ARE RETURNED – Create a spreadsheet to track donors.

____ SUBMIT PAYROLL DEDUCTION FORMS AND SPREADSHEET – Make a copy of all new payroll deduction forms
for the United Way. The payroll deduction forms will need to go to your payroll department as soon as possible.

____ UNITED WAY PARKING SPACES – Each month a winner is chosen for the Special United Way Parking Spaces.
Pick at random from the spreadsheet. Keep a list of winners, so as to try not a have repeats.

____ THANK YOU LETTERS – By sometime in November try to get a thank you letter out to all of the donors. Use a mail merge from your spreadsheet  so the amount of the donation is available for their own records. Also, send out a reminder in December to check their last pay stub to see what their total United Way deductions were for the tax year.