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Wellsville, New York
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Background Information on Allegany County United Way

The mission of Allegany County United Way (ACUW) is to Inspire Hope and Make a Difference.  We seek to achieve our mission in Allegany County through the following Community Impact areas and visions:

  •  EDUCATION Provide people of all ages with the tools and structures necessary to succeed. 
  •  INCOME STABILITY Provide people of all ages with the structural opportunities that result in economic self-sufficiency. 
  •  HEALTH Provide people of all ages with the opportunities to live healthy, secure, independent, and meaningful lives.
  •  CRITICAL NEEDS Provide people of all ages with life-saving services, emergency needs, and disaster aid.    

ACUW further seeks to affect sustained change and documentable community impact in targeted community conditions through the following strategies: 

  1. Investing in strategies and programs that deliver cost effective, measurable results. 
  2. Supporting programs and agencies that have sound fiscal and management practices. 
  3. Fostering efforts that build collaboration and partnerships. 
  4. Addressing the root causes of problems that challenge our community. 
  5. Leveraging community resources beyond the annual campaign.
Grant funds available for 2019-20 Funding

 Funds are available for grants for the program year June 2018 – May, 2019 which will be equally divided among the four focus areas:

  • Education 
  • Income Stability 
  • Health 
  • Critical Needs 
Eligibility Grants will be available to non-profit organizations qualified as 501(c)(3) and 509(a) (1), (2), (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, that propose to improve quality and/or expand services in Allegany County. The grants may not be used to displace any form of existing funding, including, but not limited to government, private or foundation grants, donations, fundraisers, or program fees.
Types of Funding
  • Single year grant 
  • Renewable grant – if initiative expectations and other considerations of the grant are met, the grant will be renewed for a specific timeframe (i.e. – 3 years) 
  • Multi-year declining funds grant – the grantee will receive declining funding over the life of the grant (i.e. – year 1, $20,000; year 2,  $15,000; year 3, $10,000) 
  • Combination of above – total funding may be divided into any of the above grant time frames.
Letter of Intent (LOI) Due February 22, 2019, 4:00 pm  (Email submission only)
Notification March 22, 2019.  Selected applicants invited to submit a full proposal will be notified.
Full Proposal Due April 12, 2019. For selected applicants (Email submission only)
Site Visits During April, members of the appropriate Impact Council may conduct site visits to agencies invited to submit full proposals or applicants will be invited to meet with the Council.
Grant Award Notices May 31, 2019
Deadlines See above. Failure to meet due dates and deadlines is cause for disqualification. 
Questions Preferred Via E-mail

Checklist for submitting a Letter of Intent for 2019-20 funding:

  1. Read and understand the funding priorities of Allegany County United Way
  2. Decide which strategy best aligns with your funding request.
  3. Follow the directions for submitting a LOI and develop your two-page document.
  4. Submit your LOI by February 22, 2019, 4:00 pm.