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Instructions for submitting a Full Proposal (invited applicants only)

Organizations that are invited to submit a Full Proposal will receive an application form and instructions by email. Full proposals will be due on April 14, 2023 at noon.

Full Grant Proposals will be reviewed by the appropriate ACUW Impact Council during April and May 2023. Final Reports from organizations that are requesting continued funding will also be reviewed by the appropriate ACUW Impact Council.

Representatives from the organization submitting the proposal may be asked to attend one or more committee meetings to explain or elaborate on their request. In addition, the Council may chose to conduct a site visit.

Our Impact Councils are composed of a cross-section of the community as well as representatives from the ACUW Board of Directors. Each Council will present its recommendations for funding to the ACUW Community Development Committee with final approval determined by the ACUW Board of Directors.

Approved funding announcements will be communicated to the applicants on or by May 31, 2023.   

Impact Councils consider the following criteria when evaluating full proposals:

  1. Degree to which the budget is balanced, clear, and concise.
  2. Degree to which outcomes are clear and concise.
  3. Ability to measure and demonstrate program results.
  4. Degree to which the applicant established the local community condition — evidence of local need for unduplicated services in the community.
  5. Level of partnership/collaboration with other organizations.
  6. Potential for leveraging additional resources to maintain and/or expand program.
  7. Potential for success as defined by the proposed outcomes and as indicated by the demonstrated capacity of the organization to succeed.
  8. If this program is requesting continued funding, the data in the Final Report for the previous year will be evaluated regarding the actual success and impact of this program.

Grant Agreement and Reporting Requirements

The organization(s) chosen to receive grant funds must sign a grant agreement setting forth the terms and conditions of the grant award. During the grant period, midyear and final reports must be submitted on-line (report template supplied by ACUW). The reports will include a statement of activities, outcome metrics, and financial condition.

Agencies and organizations whose programs and/or initiatives are funded by Allegany County United Way are required to include the ACUW logo on all print materials, to use the ACUW name in all verbal communications (ie, radio spots, training, presentations) relating to the funded program, and the grantee may be asked to speak about the impact of the program and/or initiative at the grantee’s events and/or an ACUW event.

Funded partners are encouraged to collaborate with each other throughout the year to expand services, improve program/initiative quality, and enhance community impact.