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The Big Brothers Big Sisters program is a peer mentoring program that meets once weekly – usually at the participants’ school. During program time, “Bigs” and “Littles” participate in various fun activities that focus on, but are not limited to, educational enrichment, team building, community service, character education, creativity and much more.

For almost three years, “Alicia” and ”Brandy” have been matched in Whitesville Central’s Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. The girls meet weekly for an hour and very rarely miss group unless they are absent from school on the day of program. Brandy says she enjoys meeting with and having a Big Sister in the program because both her siblings are older and no longer live at home with her. She enjoys her “Big” and says she is funny, kind, and loving. Since Brandy has started meeting with Alicia, Alicia has noticed that Brandy has become more outgoing, confident, and has better relationships with her peers. She often helps Brandy with her homework during their time together and they take part in self-esteem and team building activities frequently. Alicia will be graduating in June of 2017 and plans to be matched with Brandy until then. This is one of the many successes the program has had over the last 12 years being at Whitesville Central.

Allegany County United Way is pleased to provide funding for the Whitesville Big Brothers Big Sisters program and will additionally support a BBBS program at Genesee Valley Central School this coming year.