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MercyLine gives peace of mind

Edna Bieser, 87 years young, is truly happy to have her MercyLine, and even more so that United Way pays for it. She says she could not afford it without United Way help. Edna is hard of hearing, blind in one eye, and recently had a stroke. She feels more confident knowing that if she should fall, she will have immediate help. Her son, Bradley, is also glad she has a MercyLine. He knows she is safe when he is not there.

Fran Guinnip, 88 years young, is a 1946 graduate of Angelica School. Her husband for 68 years, Howard, was the Post Master in Angelica for 32 years. She has lived alone since he died 3 years ago, and has had several falls in the last few years. She loves having her MercyLine around her neck, “just in case.” She is very grateful for United Way as she could not afford her MercyLine without their help. Her sons are also grateful for the help as they know she is in good hands when they cannot be with her.