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Quick Facts

Allegany County United Way Quick Facts


Established in 1958 as the United Fund of Wellsville, in 1979 the organization changed its name to keep step with the national services of the United Way of America, and became known as Wellsville Area United Way, Inc. Then, in 1991, to reflect the increasing service area and support from the entire county, the agency’s board of directors changed the name of the organization to Allegany County United Way, Inc.

Today, Allegany County United Way enjoys a 60-year tradition of supporting human services agencies in Allegany County helping individuals and families achieve their potential through education, economic self-sufficiency and healthy lives. The community in turn generously supports the United Way through workplace employee campaigns, corporate giving, and individual giving.

Mission Statement: Inspire Hope and Make a Difference

Vision Statement: The Allegany County United Way envisions our communities where all individuals and families achieve their potential through education, economic self-sufficiency and healthy lives.

Core Values: Stewardship, Integrity, Leadership, Volunteerism

The Community Impact Model – How We Achieve Our Mission:

United Way Impact Committee volunteers spend many hours in the process of investing donor dollars, making tough decisions that are consistent with Allegany County United Way values and the needs of the local community. Oversight and guidance for this process are provided by the Community Development Committee, a standing committee of the Board of Directors that determines priorities and strategic direction for impacting our community.

The following values are at the center of every investment made by the Allegany County United Way. 

Community need – the program makes a compelling case for meeting a documented need in the local community.

Program results and outcomes – the program clearly defines and delivers on outcomes for its clients. 

Focused alignment – the program aligns well with the strategic intent and identified priorities of Allegany County United Way. 

Effective use of resources – the agency is effective at securing and utilizing resources to meet its clients’ needs. 

Continuous learning and improvement – the organization promotes a culture where questioning, learning, and improving are the norm.

Following a rigorous evaluation of grant proposals and program interviews, we invest resources in strategic initiatives and services operated by health and human service partners across the county.

2019-20 FUNDING

Each year Allegany County United Way invests in health and human service programs in four areas: health, economic self-sufficiency, education, and critical needs. Investment decisions are based on the applicant’s demonstrated ability to deliver results in one of these areas.

The United Way invested $211,000 that was raised in the prior fall campaign in this network of services – a total of 22 programs and initiatives in 19 partner agencies. *

Health $49,500 24%
Economic Self Sufficiency $51,500 24%
Education $40,000 19%
Critical Needs $70,000 33%
Total $211,000 100%

All the funds raised stay local and help people in need right here in Allegany County.

We are especially thankful for the Campaign Coordinators who volunteer their time and effort to run United Way campaigns within their organizations. Many hours are spent by these individuals communicating with their fellow employees about the United Way, planning fun fundraisers and keeping track of necessary paperwork. The success of United Way’s campaign is due in large part to their dedication and hard work

*Campaign year runs from August – December; Funding year runs from May – April

Details of the funded programs and the impact they are having on our County can be found here.

Allegany County United Way 2018 Board of Directors:

Abbie Pritchard President First Citizens Community Bank
Jonathan Hilsher, Vice President Alfred State College
Malena Dunham, Secretary Otis Eastern Service LLC
Michelle Alvord, Treasurer Wellsville Central School
Patricia Fogarty Attorney
Cece Fuoco C-A BOCES
Allison Mosher Green Alfred Housing Committee
Lee Gridley Community Member
Jonathan Hilsher Alfred State College
Shirley Mullen Houghton College
Russ Nunley Alfred State College
Karen Porter Alfred University
Randy Shayler Otis Eastern Service LLC
Isabel Warren Five Star Bank

Professional Staff:

Director Mandi Joyce Phelps                     

Community Impact Councils:

During the 2011 year, the Allegany County United Way implemented our new outcomes-based community impact agenda. Focusing our support this way brings greater efficiency to our work.

We are grateful to the following volunteers who served on United Way Community Impact Councils in 2014 and spent many hours carefully evaluating funding requests.


Providing people of all ages with the tools and structures necessary to succeed.

Council Members:
Cece Fuoco, Chair
Nora Burdick
Richard Bull
Jon Morris
Bob Shook

Economic Self-Sufficiency:

Providing people of all ages with opportunities that result in economic self-sufficiency.

Council Members:
Lee Gridley, Chair
Patricia Fogarty
William Cox
Anthony Fuoco


Providing people of all ages the opportunities to live healthy, secure, independent, and meaningful lives

Council Members:
Isabel Warren, Chair
Judy Clark
Barb Bates
Patty Newsome

Critical Needs:

Providing for short-term but critical needs for residents of Allegany County

Council Members:
Abbie Pritchard, Chair
Michelle Alvord
Cece Fuoco
Patrica Fogarty
Lee Gridley
Jonathan Hilsher
Randy Shayler

Contact Information

Office Location: 103 North Main Street, Wellsville, NY 14895
Mailing Address: PO Box 15, Wellsville, NY 14895
Office Phone: 585-593-0020