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Committees and Responsibilities

The following are Committees of the Board (aka “standing committees”) that consist of members of the ACUW Board of Directors:

Board Governance

The Board Governance Committee is responsible for:

  • Developing a statement of strategic initiatives for our United Way.
  • Developing action steps with timelines and staff and volunteer responsibilities, to ensure that the plan will be implemented
  • Regularly monitoring progress on the strategic plan, and reporting this progress to the Board
  • Overseeing the development and progress of the organization

Members Include:

  • Chair: Judy Hopkins
  • Pat Fogarty
  • Lee Gridley
  • Shirley Mullen
  • Deb Root
  • Randy Shayler
  • Isabel Warren

Community Development 

The Community Development Committee reviews all funding recommendations from all Impact Councils, along with several applications that fall under “Critical Needs.”

Members Include:

  • Chair: Abbie Pritchard
  • Michelle Alvord
  • Cece Fuoco
  • Lee Gridley
  • Jonathan Hilsher
  • Steve Rennie
  • Deb Root
  • Randy Shayler
  • Elizabeth Gamache
  • Kevin Monroe


The Endowment Committee is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the development and progress of the endowment fund

Members Include:

  • Abbie Pritchard
  • Lee Gridley


The Finance Committee ‘s responsibilities include:

  • Oversight of financial transactions
  • Development of financial operational guidelines
  • Review and approval of monthly financial statements
  • Approval of annual budget for the organization, making recommendation to the Board
  • Oversight of the annual audit process

Members Include:

  • Chair:
  • Jason Mattison
  • Abbie Pritchard
  • Isabel Warren


The Marketing Committee’s responsibilities include:

  • Presenting United Way’s image to the public
  • Building relationships in and with the community
  • Communicating the impact United Way’s work has in and on the community
  • Educating the public about philanthropy and ways to engage in thoughtful charitable giving
  • Working through the media and personal contacts to meet these aims
  • Working to recruit new members for the Board of Directors on an ongoing basis

Members Include:

  • Chair: Deb Root
  • Michelle Alvord
  • Lee Gridley
  • Jason Mattison
  • John Mulryan
  • Steve Rennie

Resource Development (Campaign Committee)

The Resource Development Committee is responsible for:

  • Overseeing the development and progress of the organization’s resources
  • Exploration of new and more efficient resources

Members Include:

  • Golf Tournament Chair: Peter Brown
  • Co-Chair: Malena Dunham
  • Co-Chair: Debra Root
  • Patricia Fogarty
  • Jason Mattison
  • Randy Shayler

Impact Councils

The Impact Councils are Committees of the Corporation and consist of community members as well as members of the ACUW Board of Directors.The councils meet throughout the year and make funding recommendations to the ACUW Board of Directors.

The Impact Councils are divided into three areas:

  • Education
  • Income
  • Health

Their responsibilities include:

  • Reviewing funding applications
  • Overseeing the fund distribution process, including agency applications and reports
  • Strengthening the non-profit sector of the community by determining and providing needed and appropriate resources(beyond funding) to non-profit agencies
  • Strengthening United Way’s relationship with human service organizations in the community
  • Acting as a networking link among various human service organizations, both those that are funded by United Way and those that are not
  • Meeting with representatives from each agency applying for funding
  • Developing funding recommendations

Members Include:


Chair: * Cece Fuoco Sam Congdon
Jon Morris Bill Cunningham


Chair: * Isabel Warren  Josie Hart
Judy Clark Christine Morsman
Annette Perry Diane Winans
Patty Newsome  Lyndi Scott
Rose Scott



Co-Chair: Jennifer Joyce Co-Chair * Russ Nunley
Marcella Bledsoe. Sherry Walton
William Cox Lee Gridley*
Pat Fogarty Cheryl Jackson

*Impact Council Member and Board of Director member